LIBERO Library Management System

LIBERO software is full of exciting features that are constantly updated with new functionality being released on a regular basis. We have a focus on continuous development with the clear intention of maintaining our leading edge. LIBERO will work on any interface and client platform. LIBERO will work on a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. You don’t need a circulation desk, you can simply carry your tablet and a bluetooth scanner and issue a book anywhere!

Not long ago we invested in a major redevelopment of LIBERO so as to provide a true fully hosted solution. There is no need to download apps or plug ins to use any part of our software. You can run all of LIBERO in a web browser.

The Insight Informatics internal philosophy is to share ideas for LIBERO amongst the entire work team, with information gleaned from thought leaders around the globe. Information is constantly thrown into the discussion forum where everyone is invited to comment and make recommendations. Thus LIBERO is constantly providing a long list of innovative and ground breaking features to our customers.

LIBERO delivering fully-integrated, real-time library management solutions.

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